Going Green…Again

This past weekend, we painted the living room green…for the third time. For the past year, it has been a light green, which initially went well with our tan couch and natural wood coffee table. Somewhere along the way, I made our black and ivory curtains and painted the coffee table black, making the light green seem more like lime (in my mind at least). I liked the green, but I wanted something a little deeper to match the rest of the room. I thought I had found a match, but when we put it on the walls two weeks ago we were sorely disappointed. The walls went from lime to something like grass green, or maybe electric grass green. In any case, it was bad. This past weekend, we decided on a darker, richer green and are pretty happy with the result (which is a good thing, because Zach says we’re keeping it for a long time).

The old mantel was a flea market find and an Easter present from my dad. The mirror above it, made from old ceiling tiles, I got at a flea market during our road trip this summer. Now, I’m just looking for a fun chair to go beneath it.








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