You Got Me Chalk?

To backtrack a little bit, I thought I’d fill you in on one of the fun Christmas presents Zach got me. As you probably know, Zach doesn’t teach on Fridays, but I do. When I got home from school the Friday before Christmas, he met me at the front door and told me I had to open my first present. When I did, I found a bucket of sidewalk chalk. I was happy, but a little confused.
“So we’re doing sidewalk chalk?” I thought it was a little weird, but that it must have been Zach’s idea of a fun, romantic afternoon, so I went with it.
He laughed and told me I had to come inside first. He led me to our guest bathroom, which he had spent the day painting in chalkboard paint. It was a project I had been wanting to tackle for quite a while, but hadn’t had time to start. It looks great, and I had so much fun getting to decorate! We also love that when we have people over they can add their own marks on the room. You are officially invited to come color on our walls!december-12-2008-007