And When I Said Betsy Ross, I Meant Bob Vila

We mentioned the move in a previous post, but I wanted to give a little more background into the incredible series of events surrounding our new home:

First of all, we weren’t really looking to move. A few months ago, I got a phone call from my dad, who was out with a friend of ours who was in the market for a house. One of the homes that they visited seemed to have great potential, and my dad mentioned that Zach and I might want to consider it as a project. We went to see the house and liked it, but figured that if we were really going to consider moving, then we should maybe do something crazy like actually look at more than one house.

We looked around for a while, and saw enough money pits labeled “investment properties” to wear me out. I was ready to give up on the search when Zach sent me a link to a beautiful home in Apex on a .75 acre lot with a bug front porch. To say I was skeptical was an understatement. Looking at the price, I imagined one of two scenarios: 1) the front door was three feet from the highway or 2) the foundation was crumbling. Despite my husband’s skepticism, I decided that it would be fine to take a look.

We went to the house right after school and were absolutely amazed at what we saw. The house was beautiful- white picket fence kind of beautiful. But, since we weren’t able to go in (we didn’t have a realtor with us), I was imagining mold growing down the bathroom walls or some other catastrophe that awaited us inside.

After looking through the house with our realtor and my dad, and seeing that there wasn’t mold on the walls or any other major problem other than LOTS of cosmetic work, we decided to make an offer. We were disappointed to learn that the house was already under contract and, since we were going to the beach with our Sunday school class that weekend, we just had to wait anxiously before we knew anything definite.

We got a phone call from our realtor on Sunday telling us that the other contract had fallen through, but that there was already another offer on the house and if we wanted to submit anything it needed to be done that night. We went straight from the beach to write up an offer. The next day, Zach had to rush around getting approval from the banks (we weren’t prequalified because we hadn’t been looking) and trying to figure out how we could make an offer while still owning a house. We got the offer in, but let me highlight the previous statement: we still owned a house. Therefore, if our offer was accepted, we would soon become the proud owners of not one, but two houses. Not really something you like to do on teachers’ salaries.

Our offer was accepted! There was lots of jumping for joy, followed by….now we need to sell our house! We were so thankful that our realtors and long time friends and mentors made an offer on our house within the week. Not only did we get the blessing of having our financial uncertainties calmed, but we were able to sell our first home to people who will still let us come visit and reminisce.

Soon about two days before closing (on both houses), we learned that one reason the new house was such a good deal was that the previous owners had been in bankruptcy. Unfortunately, they had been given some bad information and did not go through the required paperwork to sell the home, putting the closing back a month and the sale in the hands of the bank.

Thankfully, the whole process was in the Lord’s hands and He perfectly orchestrated everything. We have successfully closed on our house, and have been able to live in my dad’s house while renovating. We are hoping to move in next weekend!


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