Kitchen- After

As promised, here are the after photos. As every homeowner (or renter) knows, “done” never really means done, so there will still be little projects along the way. In the meantime, we’re enjoying the revamped space!

The granite countertops were a perfect compromise. Zach wanted black, I wanted white (giallo ornamental, to be exact), and the wonderful representative at our local marble and granite company suggested this: amarillo gold. It has flecks of brown, black, and white in it, tying in the appliances, furniture and trim. What more could we ask for, you ask? This: because this particular granite had been used in a large commercial job, the company had to order large shipments of it. The granite used in our kitchen was part of the leftovers, making it significantly cheaper than the other options. Win-win!

I’ve often said that my dream kitchen would have a window over the sink. Here it is, decorated with beautiful flowers from a sweet Bible study friend.


The kitchen table belonged to my grandparents. I love the worn look of the chairs and the fact that it reminds me of playing cards, eating my grandma’s famous dill bread, and enjoying family time. Because my grandma was such a stickler for tablecloths, the top of the table is in remarkably good condition. The dolly in the corner was my grandpa’s. I’d love to replace it with an old stepstool/chair like this one ( My grandma had something similar, and I used to love to sit on it and watch her cook. The ticking stripe curtains were originally from Pottery Barn, but I bought them new in the package from Craigslist.

The old drawer was a flea market find. It’s a great place to store dishtowels (Ikea), which we try to use as much as possible. We like the idea of helping out the environment and our wallets by using reusable towels. Plus, they’re just cuter. (:


The little office nook next to the refrigerator is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen. It gives us a space to pay bills and cut coupons without cluttering the cooking space. The chair was another flea market find- it’s hard to see them in this picture, but I love the red strawberries embroidered on the seat!

This is a crock. With sticks. (The sticks actually drove Zach crazy because he was always running into them, so they were removed after this picture was taken. Now there are only rocks in the crock. Suggestions welcome- maybe a plant?)


One thought on “Kitchen- After

  1. Where are the light fixures from, Sweetie? I like both of them & we are looking to replace ours someday. Thanks!

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