Crafty Christmas

I’ve always enjoyed putting together handmade gifts for the holidays. It lets the people I love know that I was thinking about them, and gives me an opportunity to exercise some creativity. This year, I made a few gifts for the girls in Zach’s family.

The first project I tackled was sewing scarves for my sisters-in-law. Since I made them as a set of three, I chose styles that represented each of us- brown for Emily, fun colors for Ashley, and a ruffle for me.

For Zach’s mom, I put together a set of ornaments using old family photos. I made the same thing for the Shultz family last year, and they got a great response. To make the ornaments, I sized the pictures to fit square glass pieces, then backed them with scraps from an old book. I then soldered the pieces of glass together, added a loop, and hung them with some cute measuring tape ribbon.

 (Yes, I’m married to that spaghetti-faced baby.)

I wanted to put something special together for Zach’s sister-in-law, Emily, who is looking forward to the arrival of a baby girl that she and Robby will adopt soon from Kazakstan. Thankfully, I found this Kazakh stamp at a local craft store and was able to put it into a pre-made frame, seal it, and assemble it into a necklace. Nothing fancy, but it was fun to put something together that lets them know how excited we are to meet our niece!

I had so much fun putting these things together! It was nice to be able to think of Zach’s family during the process, and exercise the crafty side of my brain. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to try next!


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