Ok, so not really. Nevertheless, I was pretty excited by what I saw in the most recent edition of the Pottery Barn catalogue. Over a year ago, I was thrilled to discover a pair of old posts at our local flea market. I love architectural salvage, and the color of the posts I found fit in well with our existing décor. Later that day, I met my dad and Zach for lunch, and opened my trunk to reveal my finds. They looked at me like I was crazy, but I explained my plan to convert them into lamps.


Despite the fact that I hadn’t really thought through the process too well (the posts were over 3 feet long- we don’t exactly have a drill that size lying around), my dad agreed to do the wiring. Thankfully, he has a friend that owns a cabinet shop who allowed him to use his fancy-shmancy super gigantic drill. He then installed a light kit, built bases for the bottom, and faux painted the bases to match the posts. My major contribution to the project was finding drum shades. The lamps now flank our couch. It’s neat to be able to decorate the house with things we have put together!


I was super excited to flip to the center of the most recent Pottery Barn catalogue and see this little guy:

Brentwood Floor Lamp Base, White finish

They probably didn’t sneak  into our house and  use our living room as inspiration, but I can dream, right?


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