Winter Decorating

Even though the weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS around here the past few days, I know that in reality it’s still January and spring’s not quite as close as I might hope. I love spring cleaning and paring things down after the holidays, but once the Christmas stuff is down things can feel a little cold and sparse. This year, I’ve enjoyed doing a little winter decorating. I’m not a big seasonal decorator, so this really means that I’ve focused on a wintery color palette (white and silver) and found a few ways to incorporate it around the house. Here’s a little peek:


Beaded placemats from Target- 50% off after Christmas a couple of years ago. I love how they add a little bit of sparkle to the kitchen!


Sled made for my grandma by my great-grandfather. Somehow I think it saw a little more use in Pennsylvania than it does down here, but I like how cozies up the fireplace room.


Sparkly branches in epsom salt snow.


Book wreath- SUPER easy to make, and it cost me all of 25 cents. The Shabby Nest has a great tutorial here.

 Nothing fancy, just a few fun ways to enjoy the season!


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