Prettying Up the Porch (Part II)

Since we were painting natural wood chairs, my dad helped me prime them both. We used white primer because we had some extra lying around. Typically when using black paint, it’s best to have your primer tinted, but in this case free was best. We removed the seats for easier coverage and brushed the primer on.

We did the priming on a Sunday afternoon, so we didn’t have enough time to finish in one day. The following weekend, I picked up some of this:

(I’m not sure if that’s the exact one I got, but it was outdoor gloss black ). I also got one of these:

Looks a little scary, I know, but if you’re spray painting something this is ABSOLUTELY the way to go. They’re like $2, and they fit right onto normal spray paint cans. The trigger style allows for smoother strokes, less hand cramps, and a more consistent overall finish. Since the swing already had a coat of paint on it, I didn’t need to prime, and got ready to start on all three pieces of furniture.

Before painting the swing, I wrapped the chains in newspaper and blue tape. As you will see in later pictures, the rusty chains didn’t really look right with the fresh paint, so my dad replaced them with new white ones. But for the record, if you’re painting something with chains, the newspaper works.


I ended up doing two coats on everything, stopping in between coats to sand out a few runs. Now, let me say, this was my first time spraypainting furniture and I was incredibly skeptical. I’ve always assumed that you need a brush to get the most professional looking finish. I’m so glad that I’m happy with the result. I’m excited for my next furniture makeover!

PS- I know that there looks like there’s a big brown spot on the top of the swing. I promise it’s not there in real life. I could go back and fix it. Or, I could just trust that you’ll take my word for it.



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