Snow Exciting!

We got around five inches of snow this past weekend, making for an amazing winter wonderland and a fun, relaxing break. We enjoyed two days of staying at home by playing lots of board games, sitting by the fire, playing in the snow with Zoey, and getting a few things done around the house. Hopefully, I’ll share pictures of our latest projects soon. School was cancelled today and we just found out that it’s also cancelled for tomorrow- not too shabby. :)

One of the best things about snow days is how they allow us time to just relax. Normally, when we have an extra day off we (or should I say, I) fill it up with extra stuff. The unexpectedness of snow days forces us to slow down a little bit- a much needed reminder! I love how in our neck of the woods things come to a stop for a little while. Families are home, the streets are quiet (except for sledders), and everything looks bright and clean. It sure tops any winter decorating I could ever do!

Now it’s time for a Lost mini-marathon (trying to catch up before a new season starts) and maybe a cup of hot chocolate. I hope you’re staying warm and cozy and enjoying the snow!


One thought on “Snow Exciting!

  1. We had a Lost marathon too! Only ours wasn’t so mini since we were starting from season 1! :) We are a long ways from catching up to this season, but hope y’all had fun and enjoyed your little break!! Love the “new” blog!

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