Baby Shower

This past weekend, I had the privilege of joining with a few of the girls from our Sunday school class to throw a baby shower for our friend Xiaoling. For this shower, we decided to divide responsibilities by food, decorating, and entertainment. This was our first time organizing this way, but I am now convinced that it’s absolutely the way to go. Each of us got to do something we were really excited about (I got to decorate), and it really helped cut back on the “you do this, I’ll do that” back and forth of regular shower planning.

 We have a small class budget for showers (funded by a group yard sale), so I had to be careful not to go overboard with decorations. Xiaoling is having the gender of her first baby be a surprise, so we went with a green and yellow color scheme. I ended up making tissue paper flowers/pom poms for the first time (after seeing them in about a gazillion blog posts) and totally loved them. They were cheap, easy, and got a great response from the crowd. Overall, we spent less than $30 on decorations (including flowers, paper products, and favors). The pom poms were great because they provided big impact for minimal effort and cost. I’ve been planning on making a bunch of these in all different colors for the craft room, so I was excited to give them a trial run.

 I made mini pom poms for the tables, and we even ended up using one as a cake topper.


The little green lanterns were from Michael’s and cost 50 cents each. If you’re ever in need of favors for a shower or dinner party, I highly suggest scouting out your local craft supply store. I’ve found great stuff there on more than one occasion for very little money.

Now, we just need to wait and see whether it’s a boy or girl! Right now, little girls are majorly dominating our class, at a ratio of about 10:2. Surprisingly, the  couples that have waited to find out have ended up with boys. Only time will tell! We currently have six couples expecting, so we’re looking forward to more showers!


One thought on “Baby Shower

  1. Precious! What an adorable shower – I love everything you came up with and appreciate the party favor lantern ideas!

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