A New Use for Old Books

During our snow days, we finally got to display a project I completed a while ago. When I first discovered folded books, I went to our local used book store and got a bunch of old Reader’s Digest condensed books for 10 cents apiece. The thing that attracted me to these particular books was not just that they were the perfect size for the folded book projects, but that they have some of the most beautiful covers. Each one has a different graphic print in a fun, bold color.
Once I finished with the folded books, I was left with a stack of beautiful covers that I hated to get rid of. We had an old bulletin board that wasn’t being used (I think we got it for $5 at a local state surplus sale), which I decided would serve as a great starting place. 
The completed project is now hanging in our office/study. It makes for a very studious looking accessory, and I like the bold color that it brings to the room.
Reader’s Digest Condensed Books or other hardcover books
bulletin board or corkboard
hot glue gun 
paint or stain
utility knife
picture wire (about 6″ wider than your finished bulletin board)
eye screws
1) Remove the covers from the books (save the insides- they are great for other projects like folded books!). Don’t worry if some of the paper tears away from the backs of the covers, it won’t be seen in your final product.
2) Cut the spines off of the covers, giving you two cover pieces in the same pattern.
3) I chose to remove the metal frame from my bulletin board. You can remove it, or leave it for a more industrial look. keep in mind that if you choose to leave the frame, you will need to make sure your book covers fill up the space as the size of the board will be difficult to alter.
4) Arrange your book covers on the bulletin board in a pattern that appeals to you. You may choose to align the bands (where the spine was wrapped to the cover), or simply make things random.
5) Once you have decided on a pattern, hot glue each cover to the bulletin board one at a time.
6) Once all of the covers are affixed, trim away any excess corkboard using a utility knife.
7) Assemble your frame. I recruited my master carpenter/general contractor father for this part of the project, but there are some great tutorials online.
8) Attach eye screws to the frame.
9) Thread the picture wire through the eye screws. Make sure that your wire has some give to allow for easier hanging.
10) Hang and enjoy!



PS- We got the chair in the picture above for $20 at an estate sale. It needs to be cleaned up a bit, but the quality is good and I love the blue ticking stripe fabric.

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11 thoughts on “A New Use for Old Books

  1. This is lovely. Before I got to the picture, my mind wondered a lot about what your were going to share. I was very pleased that your idea is so beautiful. I do not know what the folded book is though. Do you have something showing what you did with the pages?

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