I Promise We Don’t Live in a Library…

It just appears that way. But can I really help it if books provide seemingly endless opportunities for inexpensive creativity? Plus, the black and white color scheme fits with just about everything.

When I shared the book cover project, it was pointed out that not everyone might be familiar with folded books. In that case, I’m happy to introduce you! I can’t take credit for this idea- I’ve seen it quite a few places out there in blogland, so I’m not entirely sure where it originated.



book (Did I mention this was simple? I’m telling you- if I can get 64 middle schoolers to successfully complete this project- on the day before Christmas break!- you can do it.)


1) Remove the covers from your book (if they’re pretty, save them for another project)

2)Fold the pages in whatever pattern you like. For the book above, I simply folded all of the pages in half. You can also experiment with patterns like this one:

Fold the bottom of the first page up...

And the top of the second page down.


After that, get some lotion for your hands and wait for spring. If you choose to follow the pattern above, you’ll end up with something like this:


This particular book is a little too wide for my taste, but this pattern looks really neat using smaller books. You also might choose to leave some of the pages unfolded and use the book as a desk organizer (or use a thin book- the thicker the book, the more likely it is that the final product will hold in the cylinder position)



1) To ensure that your book will stand up in the cylinder form, choose a book with lots of pages (around 400)

2) Choose a book with thick pages

3) When folding, I like to try and get the pages as close to the center as possible. This tactic provides a good gauge for keeping the pages even.

4) Fold all of the pages the same direction (I always fold into the book- to the left)

I’ll finish by leaving you a picture of a display from the always-inspiring Anthropologie. I think this technique would be really neat as a room divider. So many possibilities!


One thought on “I Promise We Don’t Live in a Library…

  1. i am so excited! i just found your blog and ready the entire thing. you have so many fun and neat ideas to share. i love all the positive energy you radiate as you write. your faith and positive energy are fabulous, and your home is beautiful. what joy and blessings fill your life!!!!

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