Spring Break Project #1

Zach and I are on spring break this week. In case you ever wondered as a child, your teachers were not as excited as you were about days off. They were more excited.

We don’t have any major plans quite yet, but for now we’re enjoying getting a few things crossed off of our to-do lists, starting with getting ready to plant a garden. We bought a few of these:

Added some water:

Waited for the pellets to expand like some freaky science experiment:


And added some of these (mostly just the “start early” seeds):


We’re excited to see the little sprouts!



Call us losers, but Zach and I love the Home Depot commercials.  The music is fun, and they just make us want to plant something, paint something, or just generally tackle the project list. Here’s to a productive weekend!


Last weekend I had the privilege of hosting a fondue night for the girls in our Sunday school class. We enjoyed great food, wonderful conversation, and a chick flick (Lucky Seven– have you seen it? Very cute.)

One of the great things about the night was that we divided responsibilities so, while the event was held at our house, I didn’t have to do any of the shopping, and had just a small role in setup. A few of the girls arrived early to help chop veggies, slice bread, and get the cheese and chocolate going, so it was very low-stress. The fondue idea was a hit- preparation was relatively simple, but everything was delicious and the girls seemed to enjoy it.

Since we had 13 girls come, we assumed that we’d have to eat in separate rooms, but thanks to some creativity and some extension cords, we got to have a good old-fashioned family meal around the dining room table.

Another thing that worked out well was that we were able to use the nightstands which I had been keeping in the dining room (they’re pretty heavy, and we didn’t want to cart them upstairs just to bring them back downstairs to paint) as an impromptu buffet. They made a great spot for the dessert items, and no one seemed to mind that they weren’t exactly dining room furniture.

All in all, it was a great night! I feel truly blessed by the fellowship of such wonderful, godly women!



On Friday I had a teacher workday but, since it was SO beautiful outside, and since Zach had a boys’ night that night (we are in the midst of March Madness, after all), I decided to work around the house during the day and save report cards for that night.

I got to do a little of this:

While Zach did some of this:

And we both enjoyed this:


My favorite kind of workday. So happy it’s spring!

The Latest Addition to the Project List

When we bought our bedroom set, we had the option to get a second dresser or a second nightstand. Since a) we had minimal closet space and b) dressers are normally more expensive, we went for the dresser, thinking we might buy the nightstand later.

I decided it would be better to have the nightstand on Zach’s side of the bed, basically for the sole reason that I trust myself to find places to hide my junk, but I think he needs some drawers to throw things in. Just being honest.

This plan has worked fine, but now our master is rather large, and I would love to have somewhere to put a lamp next to my side of the bed. Enter: my nightstand search.

After some searching, I finally came across a set of nightstands on Craigslist that I was happy with. We picked them up from a fancy-shmancy local neighborhood, where the owner told us that he originally paid $600 each for them. Insane. Thankfully, we got them for about 90% off of that price. Not a steal as far as some secondhand finds are concerned, but, considering the quality, I’m satisfied with the price.

The nightstands are solid wood and have great detailing. They don’t match our bedroom set (which is black), but, in a way, that was part of my plan. Since the new nightstands won’t be part of the bedroom set, I think it’s pretty useless to try and make it look like they are. As a result, I’m planning on painting them (or having them painted, depending on cost) a bright white to match our duvet cover and other accents in the room. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

The Hoosier Cabinet and a Lesson in Flea Market Ettiquette


I contemplated selling this hossier cabinet several times this summer. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it sat smack-dab in the center of my dad’s living room while we waited to close on our house. In the end, I’m so thankful that I didn’t! I love that the color scheme fits in perfectly with the rest of the house, and that it is just the right size for our entryway.

We filled the hoosier cabinet with our collection of blue glass jars, which I have been using to collect mementos for our trips since our honeymoon. There are also a few blue and white enamelware pieces that I’ve picked up during various yard sale and flea market excursions. The shelves and bread drawers are  great places to hide DVDs and other gross-looking electrical stuff. Even though hoosier cabinets are typically kitchen pieces, I’m really happy with its place in our foyer.

Now, onto the lesson:

This was not the first hoosier cabinet I attempted to buy. The first I found at our local flea market, where I had one of those heart-pumping, “I have just the place for this!” moments. When I got to the booth, I was the only person there- even the owner was out of sight. As I stood waiting for him to come back, another girl approached. She asked if I was looking at the hoosier cabinet, and when I said yes, she said, “Because I’m buying it.” I was not going to get into a fight with a stranger in the middle of the flea market in a beautiful day over a silly piece of furniture, so I left. Now in hindsight, it was totally fine. I did not need that hoosier cabinet and, in fact, I found one that I liked even better. However, I would like to have given that girl a little lesson in how flea market shopping works.

Part of the thrill of the flea market hunt is knowing that most everything is one-of-a-kind. They can’t get another one from the back, and if you wait until tomorrow it might be gone. That’s just part of the game. If you walk away, you are risking that someone else will come take whatever it was you had your eye on. There is no calling dibs. Just FYI.

Thankfully, there’s always Craigslist.