A Good Morning

Today, I woke up to discover a few wonderful things- fresh snow, a 2 hour delay, and my first blog award! Clearly, I’m excited about all of these things, but I feel especially honored by the blog award, given to me by Alely over at http://ohsweetleeme.blogspot.com/. She lives in Charlotte and we have several interests in common. I’ve loved looking through her blog and finding sweet encouragement and fun inspiration! Here is the award she so “sweetlee” sent my way:

The rules that accompany this award are that you must list 10 things that people may not know about you, then pass it on to 10 deserving bloggy ladies. It’s hard to think of what to put on my list, but here it is:

1) I asked for a steam mop for Christmas. I thought it was a perfectly acceptable gift request- the 7th graders I teach thought it was hilarious. Apparently, steam mops are not as popular as ipods and Wiis. Who knew?

2) When I was 11, my dad scuba dove with sharks while I snorkled above him. With no one around me but the girl manning the boat. At the time, it seemed fine. Now, it freaks me out.

3) One of my biggest cleaning pet-peeves is a slimy sink. Thankfully, I have learned how to shine my sink like a pro. More on this later.

4) I’m the only child of a single dad (my mom passed away when I was a baby)- therefore, I grew up in a relatively quiet house. For this reason, I sometimes marvel at the fact that I chose to become a teacher.

5) I’m almost incapable of just watching TV. I love multi-tasking.

6) I once told my husband, “I will never date you.” I was dead serious. Thankfully, I was also dead wrong.

7) My dad sat in the center of the front row for all of my dance recitals growing up. I was in a lot of dance recitals.

8) I have a slight addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper.

9) I have been to 4 Chick Fila “First 100” campouts. My husband has been to 10 (we think). That amounts to thousands of dollars in free chicken that we have very happily consumed. This may explain #8.

10) I love ice cream (specifically, cookies and cream). We even served ice cream cake at our wedding!

And now, onto my nominees! It’s hard to choose because there are so many that I love, but for today, I’m going with the following beautiful, creative blogs:

1) Create Studio

2) Not So Random Stuff

3) Design Dump

4) Cookie Mondays

5) Rare and Beautiful Treasures

6) B*Spoke

7) Dreamy Whites

8) Sara Farrar

9) White Flower Farmhouse

10) Calamity Anne

Thanks again, Alely! Have fun checking out the links, everyone!


5 thoughts on “A Good Morning

  1. Thanks! That’s nice to find this morning!

    I’m totally with you on number 5-unless it’s the office or survivor I’m totally focused on other things at the same time-seems like a bit of a waste of time to me to not multi-task there!

    Have a great day!

  2. thanks so much for the award!
    you are too sweet. with all the millions of blogs out there, it’ a welcome treat.
    have a fabulous day!

  3. what a fun and nice surprise! thank you so much, arielle:) that just made my day. how fun to be included with all these amazing blogs! i cannot wait to check out each and every one of them. you are very talented… and spreading such positive energy! great idea.

  4. Thank you so much! You made my day! Congratulations on your first blog award! Blogging is so much fun! I feel so blessed to have discovered your world. I have gotten to meet so many wonderful women like yourself! Keep in touch!
    Take Care,

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