The Hoosier Cabinet and a Lesson in Flea Market Ettiquette


I contemplated selling this hossier cabinet several times this summer. Not because I didn’t like it, but because it sat smack-dab in the center of my dad’s living room while we waited to close on our house. In the end, I’m so thankful that I didn’t! I love that the color scheme fits in perfectly with the rest of the house, and that it is just the right size for our entryway.

We filled the hoosier cabinet with our collection of blue glass jars, which I have been using to collect mementos for our trips since our honeymoon. There are also a few blue and white enamelware pieces that I’ve picked up during various yard sale and flea market excursions. The shelves and bread drawers are  great places to hide DVDs and other gross-looking electrical stuff. Even though hoosier cabinets are typically kitchen pieces, I’m really happy with its place in our foyer.

Now, onto the lesson:

This was not the first hoosier cabinet I attempted to buy. The first I found at our local flea market, where I had one of those heart-pumping, “I have just the place for this!” moments. When I got to the booth, I was the only person there- even the owner was out of sight. As I stood waiting for him to come back, another girl approached. She asked if I was looking at the hoosier cabinet, and when I said yes, she said, “Because I’m buying it.” I was not going to get into a fight with a stranger in the middle of the flea market in a beautiful day over a silly piece of furniture, so I left. Now in hindsight, it was totally fine. I did not need that hoosier cabinet and, in fact, I found one that I liked even better. However, I would like to have given that girl a little lesson in how flea market shopping works.

Part of the thrill of the flea market hunt is knowing that most everything is one-of-a-kind. They can’t get another one from the back, and if you wait until tomorrow it might be gone. That’s just part of the game. If you walk away, you are risking that someone else will come take whatever it was you had your eye on. There is no calling dibs. Just FYI.

Thankfully, there’s always Craigslist.


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