The Latest Addition to the Project List

When we bought our bedroom set, we had the option to get a second dresser or a second nightstand. Since a) we had minimal closet space and b) dressers are normally more expensive, we went for the dresser, thinking we might buy the nightstand later.

I decided it would be better to have the nightstand on Zach’s side of the bed, basically for the sole reason that I trust myself to find places to hide my junk, but I think he needs some drawers to throw things in. Just being honest.

This plan has worked fine, but now our master is rather large, and I would love to have somewhere to put a lamp next to my side of the bed. Enter: my nightstand search.

After some searching, I finally came across a set of nightstands on Craigslist that I was happy with. We picked them up from a fancy-shmancy local neighborhood, where the owner told us that he originally paid $600 each for them. Insane. Thankfully, we got them for about 90% off of that price. Not a steal as far as some secondhand finds are concerned, but, considering the quality, I’m satisfied with the price.

The nightstands are solid wood and have great detailing. They don’t match our bedroom set (which is black), but, in a way, that was part of my plan. Since the new nightstands won’t be part of the bedroom set, I think it’s pretty useless to try and make it look like they are. As a result, I’m planning on painting them (or having them painted, depending on cost) a bright white to match our duvet cover and other accents in the room. I’m excited to see how it turns out!


One thought on “The Latest Addition to the Project List

  1. Those are GORGEOUS! You should totally paint them (I would just do it yourself since it should be super easy) and your right about the white. I envision glossy white with the same knobs they currently have and a distressed look. With all those edges and pretty woodwork it’ll be super cute to distress it and they’ll look amazing with the black furniture too! Great find!

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