Last weekend I had the privilege of hosting a fondue night for the girls in our Sunday school class. We enjoyed great food, wonderful conversation, and a chick flick (Lucky Seven– have you seen it? Very cute.)

One of the great things about the night was that we divided responsibilities so, while the event was held at our house, I didn’t have to do any of the shopping, and had just a small role in setup. A few of the girls arrived early to help chop veggies, slice bread, and get the cheese and chocolate going, so it was very low-stress. The fondue idea was a hit- preparation was relatively simple, but everything was delicious and the girls seemed to enjoy it.

Since we had 13 girls come, we assumed that we’d have to eat in separate rooms, but thanks to some creativity and some extension cords, we got to have a good old-fashioned family meal around the dining room table.

Another thing that worked out well was that we were able to use the nightstands which I had been keeping in the dining room (they’re pretty heavy, and we didn’t want to cart them upstairs just to bring them back downstairs to paint) as an impromptu buffet. They made a great spot for the dessert items, and no one seemed to mind that they weren’t exactly dining room furniture.

All in all, it was a great night! I feel truly blessed by the fellowship of such wonderful, godly women!



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