Secondhand Finds: <$1

Maybe I should call this post, “Secondhand Finds: Less than a Pack of Gum”. For real. I wasn’t totally sold on all of these items when I first saw them, but for the price I figured I could take them home and decide. If I could sell it at a yard sale for equal to or less than the amount I paid for it, it’s probably an ok deal.

This little wooden pedestal warms up the kitchen and is a great display space for candles. Price: 25 cents. Aka the amount you could pay for a stale gumball that has been the machine at Remington Grill for probably three years and might break your jaw.


This planter was also just a quarter. I love the great patina, and that it fits perfectly on top of the hoosier cabinet.

These vintage metal drawers were 75 cents apiece. They serve as a great place to hide beads, roving, and other crafty fun.


I love milk glass, so I was really excited to find these vitamin jars for just 10 cents each. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do with them just yet. They’re currently in the guest room cabinet, but I think they would be really fun in the kitchen.

Ok, I’m off to go search local parking lots for spare change to fund my next shopping expedition!


Secondhand Finds: As Seen in Stores

One thing that’s always extra exciting is finding great deals on stuff that I’ve loved from favorite stores but (to be honest) have been too cheap (or sane?) to buy. I love the thrill of beating the system!

These first few things caused a great deal of squealing. The woman running this particular yard sale was apparently a huge Pottery Barn fan…or I guess former fan given that she was getting rid of TONS of stuff. Looking back, I should have snagged a few more things, but I did manage to grab this Tuscan urn, Design Library, and adjustable easel frames for $10. Since the urn alone is $29 in stores, I was pretty happy with the deal.




I found this pair of bottles at a local thrift store for $2.50 apiece. The fun part was our very next stop was the mall, where we visited Anthropologie and I saw these. As far as I can tell, they’re the exact same thing. I’m currently using the smaller bottle for dish soap, and the bigger one is just looking cute for the time being.

Secondhand Finds: $3

The $5 and under price range of Secondhand Finds is a particular favorite. There are so many fun deals to be had within this range, but for today, we’ll stick with just $3. I’m excited to share a few finds with you!
First up is a yard sale find so fresh you can almost smell our Saturday morning coffee. I think I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I was hoping to find a stool for our kitchen. This little guy was a measly $3, and the colors coordinate pretty perfectly with our kitchen. As you probably know, I’m a sucker for industrial pieces, and this stool was no exception. I practically lunged out of the truck when I saw it.

Ok, I promise I’m not losing it. I realize that this footstool is screaming 60s, but with the great size and pricetag of $3, it presents a great opportunity for a project. I’m tossing around a few slipcover ideas- maybe burlap or linen?

I’m a huge “fan” of this next find. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. The aqua shade adds a fun punch of color to the room and it  also adds the industrial element that I’m apparently addicted to. As a bonus, it works great!


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Lucky Pants

It’s good to be home! Our kids did a fantastic job on the field trip, but leading 62 middle schoolers (with the help of incredible parent chaperones, of course) through an unfamiliar city is a bit exhausting. Before we move along with the Secondhand Finds posts, I wanted to take a minute to say that my husband is super great. He had class the night before I left for Philadelphia, and I was a little bit bummed about not being able to spend time with him before I left. To my surprise, a little while after he left “for class”, he walked back in with hibachi, flowers, and a cute bag of goodies for the trip. Like I said- he’s great.
My goody bag was filled with all of the essentials: Real Simple, Country Living, Good and Plentys (I LOVE black licorice), Teddy Grahams, beef jerky, yogurt covered pretzels, and Snapple. So cute. 
PS- I feel as though I need to explain the “Lucky Pants” card. When we were dating, Zach and I loved to watch Everybody Loves Raymond together. If you’ve ever watched the show, you may have noticed that every time Raymond comes home, he greets his wife, Deborah, with a random name. Usually these names involve food, but our particular favorite is “Lucky Pants”. Another reason I love my husband- he shares my weird, random sense of humor. Basically, he’s wonderful.

Secondhand Finds: $5

Continuing on our Secondhand Finds theme this week, today’s post is brought to you by the number 5.

First up is this great, rustic looking trunk that we nabbed at an estate sale. The funny thing about secondhand shopping is the way it can shift your perception of a good deal. When we first spotted this trunk, it was labeled $10. Looking back, $10 would be a total steal at places like Target , not to mention the fact that Pottery Barn would most likely charge something in the three-digit range. I passed on the trunk, but when we came back a few hours later, we ended up getting it for 5 measly bucks. Now, it’s a great display space and a handy spot for storing Christmas decorations that we don’t feel like lugging to the attic.

The little green art cabinet works perfectly in- you guessed it- the craft room. While the roll-out shelf has holes for paint jars, it also provides a convenient space for scrapbooking materials. The bottom of the cabinet is a cozy little home for my sewing machine and supplies.

I’m kind of cheating with this next one. These chairs were technically $2.50 apiece, but since they were $5 for the pair, I figure it counts. This was a purchase that we didn’t need, but I figured that you can’t even buy cheap lawn chairs for that price, and it’s always nice to have extra seating when guests arrive. Turns out, I was right! We have pulled them into the kitchen and dining room on several occasions when our everyday furniture wasn’t enough.

Hope you enjoyed this round of Secondhand Finds! We’re taking a field trip to Philadelphia through Friday, so I’ll be taking a little break from the blog. Next up, items under $5!

Secondhand Finds: $20-$25

Since we have been able to score several things for our house from yard sales, Craigslist, the flea market, and other similar venues, I thought it would be fun to start a “Secondhand Finds” series showcasing some of our finds. For today’s roundup, we’ll stick within the $20-$25 range.

When I was walking up the driveway where I found this cabinet, I immediately zeroed in on it. The chippy white paint and glass cabinets made it the perfect accessory for our guest bedroom. $20 later, it was mine. Once I got home, I cleaned it up a little bit and added a few accessories from things I had around the house. The setup isn’t perfect, but I like the extra display and storage space that it adds to the room.

Ok. I am fully prepared for half of you to find the next thing totally hideous. It’s ok. It was $20. I found this fun little couch at a recent yard sale. I realize that most people will just think it’s ugly and dated, but I really like the fun colors and pattern and the extra sense of whimsy that it brings to the craft room. As you can tell, I’m kind of going for a crazy color theme in there anyway. The couch is in excellent condition, with is pretty amazing considering its age. It’s super comfy, and makes a great spot to relax and dream up fun new craftiness!

I owe all credit for the next find to my husband and dad. They recognized the great deal that was to be had in this solid wood hutch with dovetailed drawers…for $25. When they asked me if I wanted it, all I could think of was, “We have a gigantor hutch in our dining room. I definitely don’t need a second one.” Thankfully, they were thinking more clearly than I was and convinced me that it would be a great item to resell on Craigslist. And we did. For $200. I love great deals that help us decorate our house for less, but I also love great deals that bring in cold hard cash. Not too shabby.

‘Tis the season for great deals! I’m excited to share more of our finds. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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Recipe for Living

I thought I’d share a little how-to for another small project I completed recently. Zach and I are trying to make Scripture memory a more consistent part of our routine and, to help reach this goal, I put this together:

Since I write the verses we’re working on on notecards, I thought a cute place to store them would not only help us keep them in plain sight (which will encourage us to practice), but help us keep a record of which verses we should know. To make this super easy, you could just grab a recipe box and traditional recipe dividers but, if you don’t have dividers and want to make due with stuff around the house, see below.

The stars of the show: a recipe box, scissors, index cards, and labels.

First, print the books that you would like in a fun font (Julie has me totally hooked on Little Days). I did the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. (Not because I don’t think the Old Testament is amazing, but because we’re trying to memorize things as chapters and books and, lets face it, I think the other 29 books will be sufficient.)

Next, cut out each book individually.


Next, cut your label. It label should be twice as high as the book title (the excess will attach to the index card).


Affix the label to the index card and the paper (book title) to the label.


Trim away any excess label stickiness.


Rinse and repeat.


“I have hidden your word in my heart
       that I might not sin against you.”

Psalm 119:11

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