Fireplace Room Detials

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments! They all mean so much! As promised, I thought I’d share a few details about the fireplace room. I won’t get redundant and repost pictures, but feel free to reference the previous post.
Surprisingly, this room contains two of the three new furniture purchases we’ve made for our house. The third purchase was our bedroom set, which we bought through a dealer on Craigslist. The tweed chair and coffee table are both from World Market. Since we obviously buy most furniture and décor items secondhand, I encountered some pretty crazy sticker shock when shopping for a chair for our living room. I’m not exaggerating when I say I think we visited about 20 stores before settling on this one. That being said, our little chair turned me into a total World Market fan. They have unique items, fair prices, regular sales, and decent quality. What’s not to love?
The couch is the Pottery Barn basic sofa and I LOVE it. It’s super comfy and the slipcovers are easy to clean. I REALLY love that I found it on Craigslist, meaning that I paid less than a fifth of the retail price. The sofa initially came with a powder blue slipcover which I really like, but considering the fact that we currently have a sectional in our TV room in the same shade, I decided to order a slipcover from EBay.

Now, rather than run the risk of making this the longest post ever, I thought I’d list sources for a few of the smaller items in the room:

– Typewriter: dad (via Craigslist)

– Wooden chest: estate sale ($5!)

– Brown pillows andVases: Pottery Barn

– Books, Enamel tub, and Milkglass vase: flea market

– Breakfast tray: estate sale

– Windows: dad (via a friend who was renovating an older home)

– Sewing machine, Toolbox, and Gentleman’s chest/ wardrobe: grandma

– Flow chart and mirror: grist mill that my parents renovated as part of their first home

– Frames: Pottery Barn outlet

– Plaid pillows: made with fabric from Joann’s

-Rocking chair: Craigslist (Pottery Barn Dream Rocker)

 We use this room on a regular basis- it’s the perfect quiet place to read, play games, or just think. We’re really happy with the way things turned out!


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