Randomness and a Link You Should Click On

Totally random life catch-up stuff to follow. Consider yourselves warned.

1) A few weeks ago (March 21st), Zach and I completed our first half marathon! This was a total act of love on my husband’s part. He loves team sports, but is NOT a fan of running. For my birthday, he told me that he had signed us up for the Tobacco Road half marathon. We had a great time and it felt so good to finish (and to take a long, hot bath afterwards). It was also neat to participate in this inaugural race in our hometown! Zach says that 13.1 is his limit, I’m still toying with the idea of trying a full someday, but we’ll see.

2) Last week, we went to the dentist for the first time in waaay to long. I’m proud to report that my no-cavity record is now 25 years strong!

3) I made my first quiche last night using this recipe. Who knew that quiche is like the easiest thing ever to cook? I’m so glad I discovered that before our vegetables hatch! (Yes, I know vegetables do not hatch. But I’m checking on our little seedlings every day, so it’s starting to feel that way.)

4) Yard sale season is in full swing, and I am loving every second of it. Updates on our finds soon to come!

Now, for the important part. This is Jason and Mary:

The Nortons are sweet friends from our Sunday school class. As you can probably tell from the picture, Mary is expecting their first baby (a girl) in July. They announced the great news right before Christmas and we were all so happy to celebrate with them!

A few weeks after this great news, they shared a very different type of news. Jason was diagnosed with Melanoma. While our hearts ache for the Nortons and the challenge they are going through, we also rejoice in the amazing ways that God has been able to bring glory to His name through this situation. Jason has shared several times that his goal is to “make his cancer count”. In my opinion, he is doing just that! Jason has started a blog, consideritpurejoy.com, where he chronicles his journey with cancer but, more importantly, shares his journey with the Lord. Jason’s posts are honest, challenging, and encouraging. Please check out his site and, if you know of anyone who could benefit from such an important perspective on life, pass it along.


2 thoughts on “Randomness and a Link You Should Click On

  1. Arielle, I read a lot of Norton’s blog and boy is it ever heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time! I pray they will make it through this tremendous trial. Love you, Girl!

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