Does this happen at your house?

Pollen. Everywhere. On the news they said it’s the worst it’s been in years. Living in good old NC, we’re used to the yellow snow, but since we haven’t had rain in awhile it’s piling up n crazy amounts! Everything has taken on a curious yellow glow, and when the rain (we’re supposed to get some tonight) finally washes it off, we’ll most likely end up with golden rivers flowing through the gutters. Weirdly remarkable. I’m told that most of this pollen comes from the loblolly pine, which we have tons of around here. As strange as this time of year is, it makes me thankful that 1) I don’t have bad allergies and 2) it’s spring!


2 thoughts on “Does this happen at your house?

  1. That is some pretty bad pollen! We had some pollen this week during our warmer days but it’s raining now. Sure enough it will be back with a vengeance in another few weeks!

  2. Our deck and covered porch are COVERED in it! Unfortunately, this is the only thing I’m allergic to, but I’m thankful that it’s only for a month or so out of every year.

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