A Sweet Project

Over Spring Break I finally got a chance to finish up a little project I’ve been wanting to finish for a while. Using the lovely cupcake pincushion pattern by Sandi Henderson, I put together this little treat:

I enjoyed the challenge of putting this together. I haven’t had much experience with sewing 3-d objects, so it was a nice accomplishment..even if I did spend roughly 45 minutes attempting to sew two curves in a straight line. I’m delusional like that. What almost made it worse was the fact that I did the first part right, and then proceeded to not repeat whatever it was that I had done. Anyway, lesson learned, and it’s now a fun, useful little addition to my sewing kit!

PS- Speaking up cupcakes, if you’re in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend The Cupcake Shoppe on Glenwood. Zach and I work right around the corner and let’s just say those little guys provide the perfect amount of post-school sugar. Especially Loco for Coco. And What’s Up Doc. YUM.


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