Secondhand Finds: $20-$25

Since we have been able to score several things for our house from yard sales, Craigslist, the flea market, and other similar venues, I thought it would be fun to start a “Secondhand Finds” series showcasing some of our finds. For today’s roundup, we’ll stick within the $20-$25 range.

When I was walking up the driveway where I found this cabinet, I immediately zeroed in on it. The chippy white paint and glass cabinets made it the perfect accessory for our guest bedroom. $20 later, it was mine. Once I got home, I cleaned it up a little bit and added a few accessories from things I had around the house. The setup isn’t perfect, but I like the extra display and storage space that it adds to the room.

Ok. I am fully prepared for half of you to find the next thing totally hideous. It’s ok. It was $20. I found this fun little couch at a recent yard sale. I realize that most people will just think it’s ugly and dated, but I really like the fun colors and pattern and the extra sense of whimsy that it brings to the craft room. As you can tell, I’m kind of going for a crazy color theme in there anyway. The couch is in excellent condition, with is pretty amazing considering its age. It’s super comfy, and makes a great spot to relax and dream up fun new craftiness!

I owe all credit for the next find to my husband and dad. They recognized the great deal that was to be had in this solid wood hutch with dovetailed drawers…for $25. When they asked me if I wanted it, all I could think of was, “We have a gigantor hutch in our dining room. I definitely don’t need a second one.” Thankfully, they were thinking more clearly than I was and convinced me that it would be a great item to resell on Craigslist. And we did. For $200. I love great deals that help us decorate our house for less, but I also love great deals that bring in cold hard cash. Not too shabby.

‘Tis the season for great deals! I’m excited to share more of our finds. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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19 thoughts on “Secondhand Finds: $20-$25

  1. Great finds! Can’t believe that hutch & the price, lucky you. Smart to resell since you didn’t have room. Love the white cabinet too & really, that couch could have a whole room decorated around it. Those brighter patterns are getting popular again.

  2. I just love your white cabinet, and how you accessorized it. Hard to believe it was only $20! I love searching for treasures at yard sales, too!

  3. I love the white cabinet? Anyway, you can never have too much cute storage! I like the other china cabinet too. But I never find anything but junk for $20. It must be a gift!

  4. I am jumping up and down for your cabinet! Excellent deal and I know about the thrifty! Happy WW,

  5. I actually love your “new” craftroom sofa. It was probably covered in plastic for 20 years because it seems to be in really nice condition. My philosophy is, if the bones are good and the price is right – buy it! Great finds ~

  6. Oh my! What yummy finds….I would have snatched that hutch up for two hundred dollars…..but it was a steal for 25. A wood hutch for 25 dollars? WOW…..I wish it were mine.

    Warm blessings,

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