Lucky Pants

It’s good to be home! Our kids did a fantastic job on the field trip, but leading 62 middle schoolers (with the help of incredible parent chaperones, of course) through an unfamiliar city is a bit exhausting. Before we move along with the Secondhand Finds posts, I wanted to take a minute to say that my husband is super great. He had class the night before I left for Philadelphia, and I was a little bit bummed about not being able to spend time with him before I left. To my surprise, a little while after he left “for class”, he walked back in with hibachi, flowers, and a cute bag of goodies for the trip. Like I said- he’s great.
My goody bag was filled with all of the essentials: Real Simple, Country Living, Good and Plentys (I LOVE black licorice), Teddy Grahams, beef jerky, yogurt covered pretzels, and Snapple. So cute. 
PS- I feel as though I need to explain the “Lucky Pants” card. When we were dating, Zach and I loved to watch Everybody Loves Raymond together. If you’ve ever watched the show, you may have noticed that every time Raymond comes home, he greets his wife, Deborah, with a random name. Usually these names involve food, but our particular favorite is “Lucky Pants”. Another reason I love my husband- he shares my weird, random sense of humor. Basically, he’s wonderful.


One thought on “Lucky Pants

  1. I love it! Zach is such a romantic and always manages to surprise you big time! Love the “Lucky Pants.” Don and I can’t watch enough of Raymond!

    The $3 goodies are great! I love the fan and footstool especially. Can’t wait for our flea market outing!

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