Secondhand Finds: $3

The $5 and under price range of Secondhand Finds is a particular favorite. There are so many fun deals to be had within this range, but for today, we’ll stick with just $3. I’m excited to share a few finds with you!
First up is a yard sale find so fresh you can almost smell our Saturday morning coffee. I think I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I was hoping to find a stool for our kitchen. This little guy was a measly $3, and the colors coordinate pretty perfectly with our kitchen. As you probably know, I’m a sucker for industrial pieces, and this stool was no exception. I practically lunged out of the truck when I saw it.

Ok, I promise I’m not losing it. I realize that this footstool is screaming 60s, but with the great size and pricetag of $3, it presents a great opportunity for a project. I’m tossing around a few slipcover ideas- maybe burlap or linen?

I’m a huge “fan” of this next find. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. The aqua shade adds a fun punch of color to the room and it  also adds the industrial element that I’m apparently addicted to. As a bonus, it works great!


Don’t forget to check out the other great finds at the Shabby Nestand Finding Fabulous!


5 thoughts on “Secondhand Finds: $3

  1. NO WAY!!!!

    that fan is FANtastic. ;) heavenly in fact.

    the foot cushion – endless possibilities. great finds!

    coming over to meet you after your sweet words you left for me!
    HELLO! nice to meet you.

    have a lovely day!


  2. The vintage fan is absolutely adorable! My husband has a vintage fan in his office and I wonder if he would let me paint the blade…probably not. Oh well! I am so glad you commented on my blog and that I found yours. Looks like we have a lot in common, besides both of us being cheap.

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