Secondhand Finds: <$1

Maybe I should call this post, “Secondhand Finds: Less than a Pack of Gum”. For real. I wasn’t totally sold on all of these items when I first saw them, but for the price I figured I could take them home and decide. If I could sell it at a yard sale for equal to or less than the amount I paid for it, it’s probably an ok deal.

This little wooden pedestal warms up the kitchen and is a great display space for candles. Price: 25 cents. Aka the amount you could pay for a stale gumball that has been the machine at Remington Grill for probably three years and might break your jaw.


This planter was also just a quarter. I love the great patina, and that it fits perfectly on top of the hoosier cabinet.

These vintage metal drawers were 75 cents apiece. They serve as a great place to hide beads, roving, and other crafty fun.


I love milk glass, so I was really excited to find these vitamin jars for just 10 cents each. I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do with them just yet. They’re currently in the guest room cabinet, but I think they would be really fun in the kitchen.

Ok, I’m off to go search local parking lots for spare change to fund my next shopping expedition!


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