Gussying Up the Guest Room: Choosing a Paint Color

As I mentioned in the last post, one of my favorite things about the guest room is the wonderful amount of natural light it gets. To highlight that feature, I wanted to keep things light, airy, and relaxing for our guests. To choose a paint color for this room, I used a top-secret, fancy shmancy decorating tactic called, “Throw all of Your Paint Swatches on the Floor and See Which You Like the Best”.


Once I had narrowed it down to a few colors, I taped the swatches to the wall to help get a better feel for how they would look in the room. It’s absolutely crazy how different paint can look when the lighting is changed!


We finally decided on Benjamin Moore’s Dove Wing (colormatched in Valspar). We love it. It’s mainly white, but it’s one of those wonderful colors that changes with the light. At times it can have tan undertones, and at other times of the day it can look gray. I like that it brings interest to the room while still being crisp and refreshing.

More updates on our progress to come!


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