Gussying up the Guest Room- It’s all About the Benjamin

This past Easter, my dad generously gave me $90 to use on fun housey stuff. When I invited him over to see the cabinetI had found for the guest room, he laughed and told me that I could probably furnish the whole room with my Easter money. Challenge accepted. 

Obviously, the biggest obstacle to tackle in this room was the bed. Thankfully, I found a queen mattress, box springs, and bed frame at a yard sale for $20. I know. Some of you are totally cringing right now. Before you get all germaphobic, let me clarify a few things that made purchasing a used mattress easier: 

– Meeting the sellers. The people we purchased the mattress from were clean and seemed to take good care of their house. 

– Inspecting the mattress (duh). There were no creepy stains or smells, which was pretty imperative for me. 

– Lysol and Febreeze. Just in case. Freshened things up and gave me peace of mind. 

I’m happy that we were able to get a comfortable, non-gross mattress for our guests for such a reasonable price. I can attest to the comfort factor because the mattress is currently in our living room serving as a makeshift couch…more on that later. 

Tomorrow I’ll share pictures of the guest room as it is right now, and let you know if I was able to keep the budget under $100.


2 thoughts on “Gussying up the Guest Room- It’s all About the Benjamin

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