Gussying Up the Guest Room: Afterish

I know that I said I would post pictures of the guest room yesterday, but my sweet husband surprised me by taking me on a whirlwind roadtrip. We had a great time, but I’ll share details later. Today, I’m going to finish what I started.

For this room, I knew that I wanted a light, airy space for our guests to relax and recharge. I was inspired by the white, gray, and blue tones of Layla’s beautiful guest bedroom. To me, her space is the perfect mix of charm, creativity, and coziness.

When putting this room together, one of my main goals was to “shop the house” and try to use some of the things we already had. The mantel was the focal point of our previous living room, but it didn’t really work for our current living room or family room. When I knew we couldn’t use it downstairs, I immediately got excited about the possibility of using it as a headboard. Thankfully, it was the perfect size!

The quilted bedding was bought with some post-wedding money shortly after we were married. We used it in our previous master bedroom but decided to go with a different color scheme in our current house. I originally planned on using all white bedding in the guest bedroom, but this seemed to work just as well.

Now that you know a bit of the background, here is the space today:

As I mentioned in the last post, my goal was to keep this makeover under $100. The running total thus far is:

Now, onto the accessories. I added:

  • White side table from Wal-Mart: $15
  • Milk glass lamp (thrift store): $3
  • Pottery Barn frame (yard sale): $3
  • Chenille bedspread (yard sale): $1
  • Milk glass bottles (yard sale): $1
  • Shells (vacation finds): free
  • Old books (school discards, gifts, thrift stores): free- $5 (probably less than $7 total, but we’ll say $7 to be safe)
  • Clear glass bottles (estate sale): $.25
  • Large enamelware tub for magazines (flea market): $10

Putting the grand total at: $70.25

Hooray! Mission accomplished.

Now, to be fair. Things not included in the total because I already had them lying around the house:

  • Mantel (flea market): $50
  • Songbird bedding (Pottery Barn): can’t remember exactly, but probably around $250?

There are obviously a few things I want to add, but I’ll save those ideas for tomorrow. For now, I’m happy to have a functioning space for our family and friends to use when they’re here. We’re looking forward to visitors!

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