Guest Room: Things I’d Like to Add

So remember when I said I would be back “tomorrow” to share the plans that I have for finishing the guest room? I seemed to have forgotten that summer is NOT the time for sticking to a schedule. Friday morning ended up being pretty busy as I scrambled around getting things together for a girls beach trip that afternoon. I went with four incredible friends to Caswell Beach for the weekend, and we had such a great time! We were long overdue for some quality time together, and the beach was the perfect place to relax and catch up.

Now that I’m back, I thought I’d share a few things that I’d like to add to the guest room. Nothing major, but there are a few little details I think would really help finish off the space.

First of all, the windows are clearly crying out for some curtains. I want to keep things light and airy, so I would probably go with the Vivian curtains from Ikea.

At $12.99 for a pair, they fit right in with this room’s thrifty style. Because I’m pretty sure that our guests would also appreciate a little privacy, I would also like to add bamboo roman shades beneath the panels. I like the Tahiti Cocoa color that Wal-Mart offers because it would draw out some of the darker tones in the mantel.

Much like it does in my inspiration room, this layered look should keep things both breezy and functional.

Image Via The Lettered Cottage

Another spot in the room that is screaming for help is the wall to the left of the bed. This wall is part of a pathway to what we call the “little room”, a smaller space off of the guest bedroom. Since this is a walkway between the two rooms, I want to add interest by sticking with wall groupings rather than furniture. I like the juxtaposition that the clean, modern lines of the 20.5X20.5 Ribba frames from Ikea would have with the older elements in the room.

I would love to do a sequence of these using black and white photographs taken by former students. A few years ago, we did a “This is My City” project with the kids where they took pictures of people and places around town. Their shots of our local farmers’ market, former school building, museums, eateries, and other fun places would be a fun, personal way of introducing out-of-town guests to the area!

I’m not sure when I’ll get around to making these updates, but I’ll be sure and keep you posted on the progress!


One thought on “Guest Room: Things I’d Like to Add

  1. i heart fluffing up my rooms with fresh little things, too.
    have fun doing it.

    thanks for joining in the giveaway fun over at my blog. i hope your day is a happy one!

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