Dork. Out.

As an end-of-year gift, one of my sweet students gave me a gift card to Target. Of course I started envisioning all of the fun clothes, shoes, and home decor goodness that could be mine. (Ok, the gift card was only for $10.) Of all the things that I could’ve bought, what did I choose?


Because I’m a huge dork and a total sucker for good smelling things and cleaning products. All dorkiness aside, I LOVE this stuff. It makes kitchen essentials look cute and stylish, fits in with the color palette of our kitchen, and smells amazing. I went with Herbs of Provence, which was my favorite by a smidge, but mainly because of the color. In reality, all of the scents smell wonderful. You can’t go wrong. My kitchen caddy came with hand soap, dish soap, and counter spray. Target also makes lotion and  kitchen candles in the same scents, and I’m hoping that they will also make their way into our kitchen someday. At $20, this set was a little pricy, but it softened the blow knowing that these are things I use pretty much every day and I can always try and refill the bottles when I’m done. For now, I’m enjoying my fresh-smelling kitchen!


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