Midwest Road Trip: Chicago Part I

On our way to Chicago, I was a little worried about spending much time in the city, because I tend to get stressed out by crowds and fast-paced areas. Thankfully, we had a great time and are now huge fans of Chi-town. We had both been there before, but only briefly. It was so much fun to have a few days to explore the city! I’m totally convinced that we could live there for years and still not take advantage of all of the great things the area has to offer. So, where was our first stop, you ask? The Sears tower, perhaps? Maybe Wrigley Field? Wrong and wrong. When we first got into the city, we headed straight for the nearest sports bar so we could catch the US/ Ghana World Cup game. Despite the heartbreaking overtime loss, we loved that the place we chose had individual TVs at each booth, and we enjoyed watching the game in a big city where there was a relatively substantial crowd to cheer America on.

After the game, we headed into the heart of downtown. There, we spent some time enjoying Millenium Park.  Oddly enough, parks are always one of my favorite parts of cities, and Millenium Park is one of the best I’ve ever visited. Immediately, we got a glimpse of some of the amazing art and architecture that Chicago is so famous for. The Cloud Gate structure on AT&T Plaza is one of my favorites. It is simple, ethereal, and SO much fun for taking pictures. Examples:



Walking around the park, we were both in awe of the way the designers were able to create such a peaceful, beautiful space in the midst of such a bustling city. Such careful detail was put into plant choices, seating, and even a little stream, perfect for cooling off tired feet on a hot summer day.

 This next one kind of weirds me out. The Crown Fountain projects images of faces onto a 50-foot block tower. Before changing to a new face, the image “breathes out” a steam of water through a gargoyle. Kind of cool, kind of creepy.

After Millenium Park, we enjoyed walking through Taste of Chicago, a festival celebrating all of the wonderful foods the city has to offer. The festival also included free concerts. The night we were there, we got to enjoy the Band from TV, featuring celebrities from House, the Batchelor, Heroes, and Alais. It was a beautiful, entertaining night and, best of all, it was free!


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