Midwest Road Trip: Inidana

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Who goes to Indiana on summer vacation?” I would’ve agreed with you if it wasn’t for the author of A Thousand Places to See Before You Die (who, coincidentally, has the same name as my mom- with the exception of a ‘c’ in her last name). I got the book of travel recommendations for a Zach a few years ago, and it has come in handy on numerous occasions. We regularly consult it before road trips, just to see if there are any unexpected places we should fit into our schedule. This time, there definitely was.

As I was looking up the states we would be traveling though, I noticed that Indiana had only one entry, but that it totally fit us like a glove. The Shipshewana Auction and Flea Market, or, as the book calls it, The Great Amish Country Auction, holds weekly auctions hosted by ten auctioneers. Given our love for secondhand finds and our interest in visiting Amish country, we added it to the list.

I feel like we’re pretty experienced when it comes to the world of secondhand sales, but I can honestly say that the Shipshewana auction was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. We entered into a huge warehouse packed wall to wall with a totally random assortment of junk. I ran from booth to booth like a kid in a candy store, making a mental list of my favorite things, one of which was this incredible old Carhartt mirror:

Then, the calling started. Aka mass chaos. Auctioneers in every corner of the building holding up items and looking for the highest bidder. There was no real order or organization to which items were called when, which led to people scrambling from group to group to see what was being sold. We were a bit overwhelmed, but very entertained, by the fast pace and excitement of everything. For the most part, things went for a bit more than we like to pay, so we didn’t end up getting anything at the auction. Thankfully, there was a massive flea market outside of the auction house, and we were able to find a couple of fun things there. For now, I’ll leave you with pictures of junk. Junk that I could’ve totally scooped up, brought home, and found a place for.

I would totally love to have a little shop and ring up customers on this incredible old cash register. In my dreamy make-believe life.

I love the detailing on this old crib. It would be great for corralling stuffed animals in a kid’s room or holding blankets in a living room. The antlers would add a great textural accent to a bookshelf or side table.

 I asked Zach if he thought we could fit a bike in our Civic. He said no.

So admittedly, I’m not sure what I would do with these old spools other than put them on a shelf and admire their cuteness. But that’s ok, right?

I. Love. This. We really don’t have any place for it, but come on. If you live near Shipshewana, Indiana, and have a huge empty wall in your breakfast nook, will you please buy this? I love things that make me laugh, and I think everyone can use a little laughter at 7am. Even Canada.


2 thoughts on “Midwest Road Trip: Inidana

  1. You are priceless, Arielle! I can hear you talk when I read your entries. I love you! Did you get anything at the flea market?

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