Too Sweet Not to Share

We were so happy to have Zach’s parents stay at our house for the 4th of July. It was great to get to spend time with them- we just wish they could have stayed longer! Before coming to our house, Zach’s parents stopped to see his younger brother, Patrick, who goes to college nearby. He knew they were staying with us, and sent two gorgeous bouquets of flowers for us! (Don’t worry- he also gave a huge, beautiful bouquet to his momma!) Did I mention he’s in college? How many college guys do you know that are that thoughtful? I was totally blown away, not to mention the fact that the flowers are so pretty and have such a way of adding cheer to the house. The red bouquet (perfect for the 4th of July and for Zach, Patrick, and my beloved NC State Wolfpack) is by our kitchen sink, and the mixed bouquet is in our family room. I love how zinnias are such a happy, non-fussy flower, and just instantly pep things up.

 So, long story short, my brother-in-law is awesome. The end.


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