Shipshewana Flea Market Finds

While we didn’t buy anything at the Great Amish Country Auction, we did manage to get a couple of things at the adjacent flea market. First up, this vintage A:


I love old signs, and I also like the personalization that it brings to our living room. At $5, it adds character to our living room without breaking the bank. When I set up the bench in the first picture, I asked Zach what he thought of it. His response? “It looks like a funeral.”

At least he’s honest. And makes me laugh a lot.

Our second find was this old lard bucket:


If you’ve known the Angle family for long, you know that “lardbucket” is a term of endearment around these parts. I also  like that we can use it as a quirky side table in the fireplace room. We’ve looked at several lard buckets at flea markets, and knew that $10 was definitely a fair price. I also like that the colors coordinate with our existing decor, and that the big pig just makes me laugh.

Even though we didn’t have much luck at the auction, I’m really happy with our flea market finds!


One thought on “Shipshewana Flea Market Finds

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