I Have Not Dropped Off the Face of the Planet

Hello? Anyone there? I promise that I haven’t given up on the blog! Apparently I am incapable of any sort of consistent summer schedule. The past couple of weeks have been a little bit busier than I anticipated but, thankfully, we have been busy having fun! I have quite a few little projects to share with you!

Last weekend, we had the privilege of going to Greensboro to help throw a shower for Zach’s older brother and sister-in-law who will be adopting their first baby (which we just learned is going to be a BOY!) in August. We had so much fun catching up with the extended Angle family in celebration of this exciting addition.

Zach’s sister coordinated the shower, but she let us help out with the favors and games. For favors, I used Julie’s wonderful mason jar cupcakes tutorial. The only thing I changed was the toppers. Julie’s had sweet bows and looked just like little presents…I went the lazy route and just cut some fabric squares (pink and blue since we didn’t know the gender then) with shears and screwed them between the two lids. What can I say? I’m a cheater. Despite the fact that I cut corners a little bit, I was really happy with how the favors turned out. Not only were they fairly easy to make, they were also relatively inexpensive and the perfect sweet treat for everyone to take home.


We actually ended up only doing one game because the shower was scheduled for right before the World Cup final and….lets just say that was the second game. We had everyone hold a paper plate on their heads and use a crayon to draw a picture of the baby. When the artists were finished, Robby and Emily got to pick their favorites. The game worked well since we had a wide range of ages, from Zach’s youngest cousins to his grandma, and everyone was able to participate. Since Zach and I were in charge of games together, I let him pick the prizes. I would’ve probably picked something pretty cutesy, but here are the winners with my husband’s selections:

 Yes. Beef jerky, Pringles, Mentos, and Goldfish. For a baby shower. And guess what? They loved it! Hilarious, but also a great reminder to not get so bent out of shape over little details.

We’re so excited for the arrival of Baby Angle and can’t wait to meet him!

PS- Looking back at the second picture, I feel the need to explain that the shower was held at Zach’s sister’s pool. No, our family members are not accustomed to arriving to showers shirtless.


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