Is it Too Early to Start Making a Christmas List?

It’s HOT here. Please note: I am not complaining. I would take being hot over being cold any day, I just don’t want to spend too much time outside unless there’s water to jump in or lemonade to sip.

To beat the heat and to make the most of our summer break (which is quickly slipping away), Zach and I spent a couple of  hours in Barnes and Noble drinking Starbucks and leafing through new books and magazines. It was glorious.

I’m sure the people around me thought I was a total nutcase, because I ended up hauling a pretty big stack (ok, two pretty big stacks) of crafty books back to our table. So. much. fun. I’m always amazed by others’ creativity, and I came away giddy with inspiration.

I didn’t end up buying any of the books, but there are a few that I’ve already hinted to Zach as being great Christmas ideas. Because I am five years old. Here are some of the books that I will be notifying the North Pole of:

I know, she went to jail. That doesn’t mean that Martha still isn’t pretty much the authority on all things crafty. This book is HUGE and is filled with too many great ideas to count. It was fun looking through and seeing projects that I had saved from Martha Stewart Living magazines years ago, as well as some great new projects.

Joel Dewberry’s Sewn Spaces: Fresh and Modern Projects for Your Life and Home has some great ideas for adding pops of color and pattern around the house. His ideas are both fun and original this is definitely not your standard “how to sew a rod-pocket curtain” home decor book.

Remember the project I’m working on? I need this book like…yesterday. Singer does a great job of simplifying even the trickiest parts of the upholstery process. If you’re thinking about upholstery, this is definitely worth the investment.

Speaking of “the project”, I guess I’m glad I used the word “hoping” in my last post! I hit a little snag while making the covers for the cushions (aka my sewing machine is possessed- a new one will be trumping the books on the list this year). Since I want the covers to last for a long time, I decided I had three options:

a) take my machine in to get repairs done (not really a good idea since it’s pretty much the most basic model- it wouldn’t be worth the money put into it)

b) wait until I have a new machine to finish the project (I’m thinking that cushionless seats will not be so fun for the next five months)

c) call in the pros

Can you guess which one I picked? I’m a little bummed about not doing the covers myself, but I did learn how to do them, so now I just get to look forward to the next project! The new covers should be ready tomorrow, which means I should be able to share pictures of the finished chairs.

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