Rainy Day Browsing

We were happy to get some much-needed rain today, but due to the lack of sunshine, I’m postponing posting (say that ten times fast) pictures of the second chair until tomorrow. For today, I thought I’d share with you a few prints that I’ve been loving. The wall going up our stairs is currently a big blank slate, and I love the idea of framing a few of these guys in some clean, simple Ribba frames. Here are some of my favorites:

My grandma was a huge fan of hummingbirds, and I often gravitate toward things that remind me of her. I love how this print is both sweet and modern at the same time.

So Very Happy via Etsy Seller dazeychic

I. love. this. I mean, really? Can you help but smile when you look at it? I think not. So stinkin cute.

Delight. Psalm 1. via Etsy Seller hopeink

When it comes to things I’ll be walking past multiple times a day, what better words to meditate on than Scripture? If you haven’t gotten to visit hopeink’s shop, I definitely suggest it. She does a great job of making beautiful prints out of amazing words. I love how the things in her shop are both inspiring and creative- a nice change from the sometimes cheesy stuff you find at Christian bookstores.

Custom Family Tree via Etsy Seller cozyblue

I love the idea of adding some creative personalization to our home, and I also love the fact that this seller is from the mountains of our very own state. Cozyblue also sells adorable embroidered pillows…I’m thinking one would look right at home on our couch!

My Story via Etsy Seller arian

Cute, happy, and gets a great song stuck in your head.

Home Sweet Home via Etsy Seller ishootnouns

Ok, first of all, can we talk about how adorable this print is? Second of all, can we talk about how hilarious this seller’s name is? I love it! Bonus points for creativity.

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup. The birds/tress theme was totally inadvertent, but I actually love that it brings some cohesion to the mix. As you may have noticed, all of the above prints are from Etsy, which is a great resource for unique pieces for your home. I also love that by buying from individual sellers, you are helping make someone’s dream of making a living doing what they love come true. That could just make you happier than a bird with a french fry!


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