Seeing Double

As I mentioned earlier, we originally planned on using the pair of chairs we reupolstered in our master bedroom. While we only ended up using one of the chairs upstairs, I think it’s the perfect reading spot. Actually, I’ve used it every day since we finished it! Here are a few shots of the new chair in our master bedroom:

The knit throw was a gift from Zach’s mom, and I love it. It complements our master perfectly, and it’s incredibly comfy. Since we decided to opt for only one chair in this space, we were able to incorporate an ottoman for extra reading comfyness. The ottoman is the Ektorp Brommaottoman from Ikea (regularly $149), which we found at a yard sale for $5. I was thrilled to discover that it was the perfect hight and width for the chair. They were made for each other!

To help the ottoman complement the chair a bit better, I decided to add some welting around the top. You may remember that my sewing machine is totally broken, so I had to get creative with hot glue and Heat n’ Bond. Yes, I said hot glue. I know, you’re cringing. I thought about doing a tutorial outlining my creative rediculous methods, but I figured that would just be wrong. It’s held up so far (Heat n’ Bond is crazy!), and it’s the perfect spot for kicking up your feet at the end of the day.


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