Professional Photos of a Used Car Lot

We’re currently recovering from a crazy weekend, so prepare yourself for a bit of randomness.

We were so excited to have Zach’s mom come visit this past weekend. We loved hanging out with her, but we also had some serious business to attend to. Zach’s thrifty gene was totally inherited from his mom, who can spot a bargain a mile away. That being said, Zach’s parents live in the mountains of our state, which don’t boast the neighborhood yard sales and general Saturday morning fun that the Raleigh area has to offer. Thankfully, we were able to remedy a bit of her yard sale withdrawal this weekend. We had a great time hunting down deals with Zach’s mom and younger brother. I didn’t come home with too much, but I have found a few fun deals lately that I’ll share soon.

Another great thing about having Zach’s mom here for the weekend was that she was able to take some pictures of our house for the blog! Emily is not only a professional photographer, but an award-winning one at that! She has been recognized for several of her photos, including this one of our bridal party:

It was so much fun to have her take pictures of the house!  I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in a house tour starting tomorrow.

My husband sold three cars this weekend. Yes, three. His, mine (that I’ve had since high school), and a flip. We currently have no cars. This kind of makes me hyperventilate. Mostly because I am starting to realize exactly how much junk I store in my car…because it’s all piled up in our laundry room. Thankfully, Zach knows what he’s doing when it comes to cars, and it looks like I’ll be getting a new-to-me vehicle tomorrow. In the meantime, the laptop is being taken over by my Craigslisting fiend of a husband.

I was so excited to be featured on Fresh Coat Fridayat Life in the Fun Lanethis past week! Holly has an amazing ability to completely transform old, discarded furniture into breathtaking new pieces. Her work has inspired me to get to work on some projects of my own! She is incredibly talented, and it was such an honor to be featured on her beautiful blog!

As my final act of randomness, I’ll leave you with some eye candy from the lovely Jessica Hische. Her work has been featured on several blogs, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to explore her site. Her letterpressed alphabet is beautiful, whimsical, and creative. I love how she was able to transform something that can be seen as everyday or mundane into a work of art! A small confession: I kind of love that Zach and my initials are the first and last letters of the alphabet. A pair of these would be so cute framed in our house!

This viney alphabet would be so incredibly perfect in a nursery. Irresistable, really. It’s not too “baby”, so it could be a piece that could grow with a child.

I’ll be back tomorrow with day one of the house tour!


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