Even Better than Freshly Sharpened Pencils and the Smell of New Planners in the Morning

School starts Wednesday. As in, the day after tomorrow. As in, I have spent the past week planning lessons and trying to figure out where my summer went.

Even though I’ll miss sleeping in, time for craftiness, and all of the other wonderful things about this time of year, I’m excited for a new school year, new kiddos, and (duh) a new planner! I am a total school supply nerd. That being said, even better than 10 cent spiral notebooks is THIS:

You may remember me talking about my broken sewing machine (because I am a big fat whiner). You also may remember me mentioning that we recently sold a few cars (including mine). Well, since my husband is totally great and managed to make a little money selling cars last week, he offered to buy me a new sewing machine. Out of the blue. Like on a Tuesday. Not Christmas, or my birthday, or our 50th wedding anniversary. Because he is great. I opted for the Singer Confidence Quilter (on sale at Joann’s). I was a little nervous about buying a machine from a store where the staff couldn’t tell me much about the value of one over another, but I like that Joann’s has a 90-day return policy, giving me time to test things out. So far, I love it. Using a new, working machine has really opened my eyes to what I was missing. I don’t have to pull, push, and talk sweetly to my fabric to try and get it to feed through. I don’t have to disassemble my machine every time I want to change the bobbin thread. It. is. so. good. More stuff I love:

Handy needle-threader gizmo and reverse button

Computerized stitch selection

A bagillion stitch choices

Handy drawer for essentials

Can you tell I’m kind of giddy? I can’t wait to get to work!


One thought on “Even Better than Freshly Sharpened Pencils and the Smell of New Planners in the Morning

  1. Wow! That is so nice and well-deserved! I know you will get many years of use out of it! Can’t wait to see what you create, Sweetie!

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