Fun Date Night/ Dinner Idea (aka Proof that I’m Spoiled)

Sometimes, I am totally overwhelmed by how well my husband loves me. I mean, for real. It’s kind of ridiculous- he puts me to shame. That being said, I totally love it and I’m hoping that it won’t stop anytime soon. Example:
On Sunday night, Zach had been doing some work on the car and told me that he was going for a drive to test it out. When he got back, he came in the living room and said, “I got you something,” and handed me a big bouquet of flowers. He repeated the “I got you something”, get something from the hallway, hand it to me process until I had three bouquets of flowers, a Real Simple magazine (I’m not a subscriber but I love it), a bottle of wine, and a delicious dinner and salad from Whole Foods. I know. Over the top thoughtfulness.

Now to the great date night/dinner tip (which was actually passed on to us from a friend): this gigantic, amazing, delicious, REAL food was $15. The meal and the salad. Tons of food. We both ate the pork/risotto/greens combo for two meals, then Zach had it again for lunch, and we still have a huge salad to eat. It’s a great deal for great food. I love that it’s such a perfect alternative to fast food for nights when it’s too hectic to cook, and that it really equates to just a couple of dollars per person, per meal. Needless to say, we will definitely be taking advantage of this deal again.  Bon appétit!


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