A Step Up from Glitter Eyeshadow

Middle school trends are not always what I would call attractive. When I was in middle school, glitter gel makeup was a huge deal. Apparently, beauty was equated with reflectivity. Thankfully, I’ve gotten past my sparkly stage.  While I will confess that I love the current middle school trend of self-expression, you also won’t find me donning a “Give Peas a Chance” t-shirt or neon pink skinny jeans. And definitely not jeggings. Because, really? Just the name makes me cringe. That being said, there is the rare occasion when my purchases will actually be inspired by a 12 year-old student. Like, this weekend.
When I first saw Toms shoes, I thought they could be cute, but might just make me look like a) I was wearing an orthopedic shoe or b) a man. I wasn’t super excited about either of those options. Enter: a super cute and trendy former student that rocked Toms with just about any outfit. Seeing that they brought such fun color to her outfits (and didn’t make her look like a man), I started to consider them as a viable choice. This year, we have yet another super cute and trendy student in 7th grade who wears her Love is the New Black Toms with everything. This second dose of cuteness sent me over the edge, and I purchased my first pair of Toms last week. Right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the UPS man.

But wait, there’s more! As an early anniversary present (3 years on Wednesday!), my sweet husband bought me a pair of Toms wedges. Yes, I know. Two pairs in the same week is a bit excessive. I feel the need to explain. I stopped in a local store this past weekend thinking that I would try on a pair of the wedges just so I would know my size for future reference (like Christmas). Since the fall styles were out, I asked to try on the gray. When the salesman returned, he told me that they didn’t have my size in the gray, but they did have it in a blue and white striped pair that was left over from summer. Be still my heart. Blue and white striped anything is one of my biggest weaknesses in the world. Just ask my wardrobe. And almost every room in our house. While I had seen this pair online, the summer styles are discontinued and I didn’t think I had a chance of getting them. So, long story (sort of) short, I did, my husband is awesome, and my feet are happy. And today I got the middle school stamp of approval (which is a BIG deal). The end.

PS- Other bonuses: 1) Toms’ One for One concept of giving away a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes purchased is pretty great. 2) After being on my feet all day, I would like to give these shoes the official teacher stamp of approval. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the wedges are more comfortable than flats I own. Super exciting.



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