Black Licorice Reupholstery

It’s no secret that I love ice cream. I’m not a huge dessert fan (not that I really turn them down that often…), but ice cream is a major weakness. I love it so much that we even decided to forgo a traditional wedding cake and serve ice cream cakes for each table. Recently, some people that we love introduced us to a local shop that sells all homemade ice cream. They offer quite a few quirky flavors, including my favorite- black licorice. I know, some of you just gagged a little bit. But black licorice is my very favorite candy in the world (I think it has something to do with eating lots of my Italian grandmother’s anise cookies), and combining it with ice cream is like…a dream. Anyway, enough of what I’m craving, onto the project:
When I found these ice cream parlor chairs at our local flea market, I loved that they would highlight my love for the creamy concoction while providing useful outdoor seating for our guests. I did not love the faded floral seats.

Thankfully, switching out the fabric for something a bit more spunky was a breeze. First, I used pliers to take of the trim, staples, and original fabric. Since the padding was in relatively good shape, I decided to keep it.

Because I wanted these chairs to hold up on our porch, I opted for oilcloth, which I purchased from Etsy seller oilclothaddict. Our current exterior color scheme is black and white, so I chose white with red polka dots to punch things up a bit. (On a side note, one of the things I love about Etsy is the great attention to detail most of the sellers put into their packaging. Look how cute my bundle of polka dots looked wrapped up in a few scraps!)

To cut the oilcloth, I simply laid a scrap of fabric right side down on top of the chair, and traced around the area I needed to cover. After cutting out my circle, I used an electric staple gun to staple around the edges of each circle, pulling them tight to prevent wrinkles.
After the seats were covered, I finished off the edges with black trim (purchased from JoAnn’s) to coordinate with the body of the chairs. I used a hot glue gun to affix the trim to the chairs.

I love the extra pop of color (and the Wolfpack pride!) the new seats bring to the porch. Next up: bringing the white Ikea table (seen in the oilcloth picture above) back to life. We’re looking forward to beautiful fall evenings on the porch!


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