Restoration Restored (and an update)

As part of our anniversary date night, Zach and I went to our favorite local mall to walk around and eat dinner. While we were there, we stopped in  Restoration Hardware for a bit of window shopping. Oh. Wow.

Even though I have been to the mall since the store’s revamp, I never actually went inside because, to be honest, I was a bit intimidated. I’m not sure if all of the stores now look like this, but our local Restoration Hardware looks like a museum/art gallery. I guess that’s why they now have a woman at the door saying very fancy shmancily, “Welcome to the gallery.” I have never purchased anything from a gallery, so the new store seemed a little beyond my reach.  Goofy fears aside, I’m  so glad we went in! While I was kind of right- the prices are out of my reach, the design was AMAZING. Hello, I want to move in. the neutral color palette, luxurious materials, and industrial accents work together to create a setting that even had Zach impressed.

 Here are a few products that we found particularly inspiring:

I’m a total sucker for details, and the buckles on this chair sent me over the edge. Streamlined, vintage, modern…amazing.

Mind-blowingly cool. “Inspired by fighter planes.” Leather and aluminum. Every man in America? Sold.

Dear Restoration Hardware, I think this light fixture would look pretty perfect in my living room. Could you spare one? I promise to let you come sit on our couch, eat ice cream, and stare at our beautiful chandelier. Ok thanks.

Last year, one of my students drew a picture of me as a queen (still on our refrigerator- it’s too cute to take down). I think this would make a suitable throne. Or reading hideout. I’m not picky. Give me burlap and linen any day.

I don’t see us purchasing any of these in the near future (unless its with my lottery winnings), but it was so much fun to window shop. I was also able to pull some inspiration from the detials- I’ll share more on how we translated this look into our home tomorrow!

***Update on the babies***

Thank you so much for all of the prayers for our sweet nephews. Zane’s intestines ruptured last night, and he underwent surgery. It looks like the surgery went well, but the next 48 hours are critical. We don’t know tons of specifics (Robby and Emily have a lot to think about- we don’t want to worry them with more phonecalls), but I’ll share as we learn more. Please continue to pray for Robby, Emily, Zane, and Moses.


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