How to save $28.50

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m kind of in love with Restoration Hardware’s new product line. If I won the lottery, there are a few things that I might not be able to resist. On the other hand, there is one thing that I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for, even if I had a million dollars. 

“Antiqued Uncovered Book Bundles”. Super cute? Yes. Great for fall decorating? Absolutely. Worth $29? Not a chance. While the $29 price tag makes me want to beg people not to spend their money on these, they really did look great in the store. I like how the groups of books bring texture to the room, and that they stay within the neutral color palette that I am such a fan of. So, of course, I DIYed this pretty much immediately.
Our local used bookstore has shelves outside with old/unpopular books for 10 cents apiece. On our way home from church Sunday, I stopped by and grabbed a dollar’s worth of hardcover books, just to make sure I had enough. There is probably a precise, artistic way of removing the book covers, but whatever it is, I didn’t follow it. I just yanked them off. I liked the look of varying widths, so I tried to mix up the books in a way that would be interesting and would fit the spaces I planned on putting them. Then, I tied them with twine. Easy peasy.

I used one of my book bundles to swap out for a bowl of shells in the living room, because I think there might be a rule about no shells in the living room after Labor Day (even though I’ve absolutely violated it in the past). I used the other bundle to add some warmth and texture to our side table. It was a simple fall spruce-up, but I’m happy with how it turned out! I would also like to point out that each bundle cost me about 50 cents. Which is less than $29. Ok, math lesson complete.

**Update on the nephews**

Both boys are doing well! Zane had a second surgery today to check out how the things done in the first surgery were holding up, and to identify any new weaknesses. Things look good, and the doctors didn’t find any more problem areas. Moses hadn’t been eating and we were worried that he would have to be transferred to the NICU, but he’s looking better. Thank you so so much for the prayers! Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for both boys and that they would be able to come home soon- they have an aunt and uncle who can’t wait to play with them!


One thought on “How to save $28.50

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say “thanks!” for your nice comment on my blog. It was very thoughtful and made my day!

    I’m so glad to have found your blog too!!

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