bringing a little swedish style to bank of america stadium

This weekend, Zach and I traveled to Charlotte to watch his our beloved Panthers take on the Bengals (courtesy of Zach’s birthday present from my dad). Although it rained the whole day  and the Panthers lost, we still had a great time at the game. Plus, we had the memory of yet another Wolfpack victory fresh on our minds to ease the pain. Also making the day a little bit easier was a Saturday stop at my favorite Swedish wonderland. So while Zach was doing this:

I could do a little of this:

Yes. I brought an Ikea catalogue to an NFL game. Don’t worry, I did actually watch the game, but football is just so looong and I had to do something to placate my multitasking side. While we didn’t come away from our shopping trip with anything huge, I was able to pick up a rug pad (I know, you’re so excited), some weirdly adorable fabric, and some little white vases I’ve been eyeing for a while. We weren’t really in the place to make big purchases, but I was drooling over these for the head seats in our dining room:

Majby Chair

I also LOVE this set- the color, the pulls, and the fact that they went to the extra effort to line it with fun paper:

Edland Cabinet

I was hoping to get some of this to make pillows for the fireplace room but, alas, they were out of stock. Looks like we’ll just have to go back. :)

Sofia Fabric


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