worlds collide

One thing that I love about teaching at our school is that it lets me use my crafty side way more than traditional schools. The kids are currently learning to knit, and I’ve mentioned our sewing projects in previous posts. While I love getting to craft with the kids, decorating is a hobby that I never really thought of crossing into my life as a 7th grade teacher. I have been happily proven wrong!

On Fridays, our students participate in service learning. This year, kids could choose to volunteer at a garden, teach at a local science museum, or create a documentary about our school. Their fourth choice, which I’m leading, was to volunteer with a local non-profit called the Green Chair.

The Green Chair was created by a former parent with a heart for families recovering from homelessness or joblessness. The organization collects gently used furniture to distribute to these families and start them off with a place that feels like home. It’s been so much fun to see how enthusiastic the kids are about their work! They have scrubbed tables, dusted dressers, and vacuumed sofas with smiles on their faces. They will soon be organizing a furniture/household goods drive. If you have gently loved items that you would be willing to part with, hang on to them- I’ll post details as soon as we have them!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the surprising collision of what I thought were two very distinct areas of my life. I love the way that God has used this experience to show teach me about creative ministry and how there are so many ways to use the interests and talents He has given us for good.


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