let’s give them somethin’ to chalk about

Post title courtesy of my husband.

Despite the way things have been looking around the blog lately (the first quarter of school has somehow sucked some of the creativity out of the part of my brain that comes up with posts), we have actually been up to a few fun projects. Most of the things are small, but there’s something about fall that gives me the kick in the pants I need to finish a few of the zillion small projects that are just begging to be finished.

I found these paintings at a church yard sale for $1 each. Kinda creepy, right? Even so, I loved the chunky, textured frames and thought they would be right at home at our place.
In order to rid the world of strange children staring at them, I painted over these guys using chalkboard spraypaint. I am a gigantic fan of using spraypaint as opposed to a brush as often as I can. Waaay easier. My dad sprayed the frames using a paint sprayer he used to help us makeover a few Craigslist finds (more on those later). 
We attached some picture wire to the back and, voila! Fun message boards! Yes, we have two. Of the same thing. Yes, that’s a little bit lame. But they were a dollar, people. The first one is currently adding some fall festiveness to our powder room:

And the second is handily covering up an oddly placed light switch above our kitchen workspace. At first I thought it was a little bit weird to have two, but I figure the kitchen one will come in handy for lists and reminders, while its twin can be used for  seasonally appropriate quotes in the powder room. Because I don’t think people will be interested in reading my grocery list while they’re doing their business. 
As a sidenote, I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of Chalkink markers (after getting the cashier at Michael’s to swipe a 40% off coupon, of course). Definitely more expensive than chalk. Definitely worth it. I’m so glad that I’m not a teacher in the days of dusty chalkboards that make almost everyone’s handwriting look worse. Chalkink (basically a chalk paint pen) is my friend.


3 thoughts on “let’s give them somethin’ to chalk about

  1. I love them, Arielle! I took your wonderful suggestion when you were in my home and made a chalkboard, too, for the space on my kitchen wall that needed something. I bought a white frame and my buddy, Laura, and I made chalkboards! I love it and use it everyday, thanks to you! The chalk pens, are they easy to erase? Love you!

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