House Tour: Family Room

To keep things interesting, I thought I’d introduce you a space that I’ve only really shown in bits and pieces. Since our family room is the room with the TV and sectional, this is where we tend to gravitate to as an everyday unwinding space. Here is what it looked like when we got here:

While we love the windows that look out onto our porch, they also dictated a lot of how the room was set up. After playing around with a few different layouts using Floorplanner, we decided that the system that worked best for us was a big, comfy sectional that we could sprawl out on or share with a bunch of guests. We added a few accessories and, presto chango, here is our unwinding space today:

Source List:
wall paint: Southern Breeze by Pittsburgh Paints (colormatched in Valspar)
sectional: JcPenney
books (Chronicles of Narnia): thrift store ($7 for the set)
book frames: Michaels
print and frame: yard sale (at $10, it was a bit pricey for a yard sale find, but the scale was exactly what I was looking for and my mother-in-law, somewhat of an expert in frames, convinced me that it was a good deal)
piano bench/side table: grandma’s basement- my grandpa used it as a tool chest
white side table: local craft fair
sideboard: Craigslist (my dad did the repairs and painting)
TV: Wal-Mart, the result of Zach saving up several holidays worth of gift money from several family members. he kept taking them back because better deals would come up. thankfully, he finally kept this one
vase and grasses: Pottery Barn
toolbox: junk shop
enamel bucket: flea market
blue pillows: Pottery Barn
plaid pillows: made by me
coffee table: Zach’s parents
rug: Pottery Barn
chair: auction
lamps: posts from the flea market, lamps created by my dad

After gathering a few photos, I knew that I loved light and airy living spaces. While the white can be a little bit harder to keep clean (especially in the summer when Zoey becomes quite the shedding machine), it’s worth it to be able to live with what I love. Also, as a bit of a clean freak, I don’t mind throwing the slipcovers in the wash every once in a while (especially after I learned that the “low heat” dryer setting is safe to use- we were running out of doors to hang them from! 

I painted our coffee table (which was a hand-me-down from Zach’s parents) a couple of years ago. Whatever I did, it was wrong, because now the paint is chipping in spots and any paper we put down sticks right to it. On one hand, it’s pretty annoying. On the other hand, I love the freedom that comes with not worrying about messing it up.

Things that Were on our To-Do List:
scraping the popcorn ceilings
scraping the wallpaper
having the ceilings and trim painted
painting the walls
having the floors refinished
Things that are Still on our To-Do List:
Thankfully, not much! Obviously, the current rug (which we used in the living room at our first house) is a little bit small for the room. I love this one from Ikea, and I think it could bring a fun, modern edge to the room. We would also like to add some curtains to soften things up a bit. But, to be honest, neither of those things gets in the way of vegging out at the end of a long day, so we’re ok with things the way they are for right now.

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8 thoughts on “House Tour: Family Room

  1. the same thing happened to us with a table we painted, so i went to our painting guru friend (he really does paint for a living) and he told us we were cheap and cheap paints do this. then he said we need to go buy reeeeaaallly expensive paint and this won’t happen. needless to say, we just kept retouching as needed. i’m going to save reeeeaaallly expensive paint for walls or the exterior of my house or my car. anyhoo, i’m a lurker who is about to move and was so confused about how to set up our front living room in the new place – i needed to see this – inspiration hit and i’m good to go. thanks. becky

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